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At Diana Marin, our aim is to provide you with a quality experience through our products that meet your expectations. In the event of any technical issues with your product, we offer repair services.

If your product has been snagged, stained, or torn due to accidental reasons, we can assist with repairing it for a fee determined after assessing the issue. To benefit from our repair service, please send us a photograph of the problem via email at

Upon assessing the issue and proposing a solution, we will await your product at our workshop in Constanța, RO. We will contact you to provide the exact workshop address and transportation costs, which will be covered by you.

Products cannot be accepted by us without prior contact. Repairs will be completed within 15 business days from the receipt of the product at the workshop.

At Diana Marin, we aim to ensure the durability and long life of our products, which is why we've created this warranty policy. We are committed to providing quality products and ensuring they retain their value for as long as possible.

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