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Trade name: DIANA MARIN
Phone number: 0040723002532
Physical address: HOUSE OF SUBMARINE SRL (46316223, J13/2087/2022), 8 Strada Salonic, Room 5, 900533 Constanța CT, Romania
VAT number: 46316223
Trade number: RO46316223
All products are produced in our own workshop which uses 100% renewable energy from solar panels. We use the best quality materials and 3D design that help us create models as close to perfection as possible. Our garments often feature digital printing, laser cut and up-cycled fabrics sourced from finest locations. Our pieces are made crossing the line between streetwear and digital couture. We currently sell in multiple online and offline shops in Romania.

Very often we collaborate with other companies in terms of design consultancy, production planning and we create high quality custom merchandise for businesses. Contact us for more info.

B2B collaborations include:


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