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About us

the designer & the brand 

Diana Marin is a young contemporary designer born in Constanta and based in Bucharest, Romania. Her passion about fashion and clothing started at young age, when she was 7 years old and has learned how to use a sewing machine for the first time.

As years passed by, her interest grew and in 2015 she created her first clothing line, called ‘’House of Submarine’’ which took inspiration from the places she grew up in, the coast of the Black Sea of Romania. During this time, she finished her bachelor studies at the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, where she received the ‘’Business Administration’’ Diploma. 

Despite her initial studies, Diana decided it was time to continue her passion, fashion design, so in 2018 she enrolled at Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Italy. During this time, she embraced the art of design and culture from which she continuously took inspiration. After graduating with honours, she continued her personal evolution regarding garment manufacturing and design, while following her old-time passion of breaking the cultural boundaries.

After spending two months in New Delhi, India, working as a design consultant, she decided it was time to return home and follow her own path. This was the moment when the label ‘’DIANA MARIN’’ was born.

Being far from home and meeting new difficulties enabled her to get in touch with the concept of people being ‘’only human’’ in the end. She quietly observed the world around and discovered that the only currency between cultures, religions, languages and geographical locations is emotion. So, she did what most of the artists do: she translated it in colors and shapes.

In her projects, she explores the dimensions of color and contrast, while trying to steal a smile from the people watching her garments. Adopting the role of an independent young designer, Diana is continuously trying to be relevant within the fashion industry, while innovating through construction of garment, production techniques and textiles. In her projects, she often includes reversible items, detachable pieces or transformative features like in the project called ‘’The Pocket Hoodie’’, where a jacket has more than 7 ways of wearing and also transforms into a funny pack.

While following the beat of her own drum, Diana has never stayed away from the fashion scene of Romania. She has interned for the beloved designer Lana Dumitru in 2016, where she became an appreciated member of the team. 

In 2020 she built her own namesake brand: Diana Marin, where she collaborates with local artists to create intriguing textile stories, while trying out the newest technologies in production of garments. Part of the Diana Marin brand is also House of Submarine, which produces unique pieces inspired by seaside streetwear. Sustainability through processes and premium textiles are part of brand's design ethos.

Currently, Diana gained an MBA from Bucharest Business School in collaboration with CNAM Paris and has managed to open her own atelier in Constanta, Romania. She works as a 3D designer for her own ready-to-wear brand and her collaborators, taking inspiration from the streets while moving towards complete digitalisation. The new vision embraces sustainability and ethical production of garments.

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