One Strange Endeavour

A story shot by Iuliana Cristina Popescu.
Model: Gabriela Atanasov.

What is sensuality?
In a world where sensuality sends us to the past, 
Where the body is not a temple anymore
Where love for oneself is confused with selfishness,
Sensuality is contrast.
A contrast between the inner world 
And the necessary outside world.
A contrast between deep thoughts and superficial looks
Between the truth of your soul and your behaviour,
Between comfort and anxiety.
Sensuality is mystery.
Mystery of your past
Mystery of your true colors
And what is expected of you.
Sensuality is me, it’s you, it’s her.
It’s all you see and feel
It’s all you can hear
From that beautiful woman 
That makes you wonder
What she’s been through,
Where she’s at
Why she’ll just do that.
Sensuality comes in many forms, but nowadays it comes through comfort, 
Because we all know how chaotic your day can be,
How many adventures your life can see
And still then.... how much of a woman you can be.
Just enjoy yourself, my dear.

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