And somewhere


There is a world in which black and white don’t exist.

A world where color has taken your soul and showed you,


That contrast is not about two

And life is not only about you.


There are people you see

There are places where you want to be..


There is freedom of mind

And purpose in sight.

‘Drops Of Insanity’ was born in 2020 and it pictures the evolution of shape and color through the eyes of a wanderer. It is a dream come true and rhythm to remember. It is an inner realization that life is not something strict or something confusing, but some undefined succession of lessons about the world around. Each of us has a whole range of colors and personalities inside that show only when the moment is right. Life is not about what you do, but how you do it. 
This collection presents a year of practice and learning about the art of garment manufacturing. Experimental at times, each piece was well-thought in order to make the wearer feel special. Patchwork art was used in canvases of fluid shapes and colors. A range of Indian and Turkish textiles were sourced personally and directly from New Delhi and Istanbul, in order to create this collection. The shapes and style were inspired by the street culture of Milan and Bucharest. The value proposition is one of ethnic and cultural diversity, bringing together very different places of the world.
Fine and elegant.
Street and sporty.
Full of contrasts.


Photographer: Iuliana Cristina Popescu
Model: Aida Huza
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